Tray machine

Automated system for positioning bottles in rows, which the operator then places in trays/boxes.
Bottles can be taken directly from the blow moulding machine, production line conveyor belts, or from the external micro-hole controller.

• Bottle conveyor belt. Right or left output as required.
• Variable length conveyor.
• Variable length table.
• The automated system counts the bottles arriving from the production line. When the preselected number of bottles is reached (no. of bottles per row), a bottle stop cylinder activates. The conveyor sends these bottles forward and stops, the side panel drops down, and the cylinder moves the row on to the refilling table. The operator slides in the tray from above and inserts it in the manual reverser. This automated system gives the maximum possible operational autonomy, correctly fills the trays, and positions the bottles neck down to protect them from dust or other foreign agents.

Optional extras:
• Conveyor speed controller.
• Height regulator for the motorised automatic system.
• Row counter with acoustic alarm.
• Row offsetting cylinder, for traying cylindrical bottles.
• Instead of the separating table for the groups of bottles to be trayed, a conveyor can be fitted.