ST series with paddle separator

ST series conveyor with extruded, anodised aluminium profiles, with innumerable different sizes to satisfy as many operating requirements as possible; suitable therefore to optimise production alongside presses, with the possibility of being able to position the conveyor in the best possible position by using only two tightening points.
Belt traverse is by special gears made to keep the belt centred.
Belt made of PP, can withstand 100°C temperature, changeable totally or partially in a few minutes.
This model mounts 10 mm h. slats.
Belt tensioning is automatic.

ST with PP belt with grip
Side protection
ST without blade separator and rubber slats 25 mm h
con paletta
mt. min
ST 200 750-1300-7001300750205980700270025003127201400100040,9
ST 280 750-1300-7001300750280980700270025003877201400100040,9
ST 360 750-1300-7001300750360980700270025004657201400100040,9
ST 440 750-1300-7001300750435980700270025005407201400100040,9
ST 200 750-1800-70018007502051270700315029503129501750130040,9
ST 280 750-1800-80018007502801270800325030503879501800135040,18
ST 360 750-1800-80018007503601270800325030504659501800135040,18
ST 440 750-1800-80018007504351270800325030505409501800135040,18
* The D measurements can vary on request

• Special sizes on request.
• Optional: side protection
– OMP control
– mechanical or electronic speed controller